Supporting by…

13027_4Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic, with a breadboard as part of the kit, 1911-13

This is all a huge experiment and who knows where it’s all leading. If you wish to help push the bandwagon along in some capacity we would be so grateful.

…adding your memories into our social history archive

Send us your stories and memories of your childhood breadboard, who gave it to who, who used it, where in the world and where in your house, which decade and how it was used. A photo would be wonderful, of the board and the people most closely associated with it. If you have upcycled your board into something interesting, let us see.

… sending your new blanks and old boards

Don’t landfill it! We welcome top quality sycamore blanks for contemporary carvers to get creative. And retired boards with history and character will find a good home. Make sure to tell us the story.  I saved one recently from the skip at Wandsworth and it is now being very useful as a garden table top. While I’m on the subject: Sandy could you get in touch about your lovely donation of a square board, please. I have no way of thanking you properly as there was no address. More importantly, you are missing out on your free cream tea voucher!

…sharing your hard-earned knowledge

Are you a specialist with a moment to contribute your precious knowledge to our collection? Areas of expertise of most interest:

  • Identifying woods
  • Making connections to artistic and design trends
  • Filling in gaps in food history and tableware developments
  • Cutlery
  • Porcelain platters

…showing off your filming skills

We have been filmed for a 1 minute taster on our Airbnb Experience website, which was marvellous. And Vanora is taking up the gauntlet with a 10 minute documentary as part of her Filmmaking course at UCL. Can’t wait to see it Vanora!

…using your funding application experience

This kind of expertise would help enormously with a Heritage Lottery application, and even local Wandsworth funding.