Donating by…

Our guests have given us all kinds of wondrous ideas around how breadboard lovers can support the museum, so we can keep the collection together and accessible to the public.

…sponsoring a breadboard (£5)

Thanks to Lois and Liberty, small museum enthusiasts. We will celebrate you with a name sticker by the breadboard and a photo on our blog. If you have visited us and have a particular board in mind, we would be glad to oblige. This will help with buying oils to keep them nourished, furniture polish for the sheen and silver polish for the silver plated items.

…including our photos in your content (£20 per shot)

Deborah’s contribution. Are you prepping an article on baking, carving, crafts, arts, dying skills, Victoriana, Kitchenalia, collecting, antique dealing, Alzheimer’s, enterprising daughters?! Proceeds to the most excellent unicaartservices for keeping the photo inventory up to date as new items arrive.

…booking a talk and getting the locals together for a tea party on your turf (£50 p/group half day, £100 p/group full day (plus travel expenses)

Ginger said: ‘Tour it’, so here goes. The research carried out by my mother over 20 years and her collection form the backbone of the tours. If you cannot all fit in our front room and would like me to visit you, or you are not mobile, I would be honoured to bring a choice selection of boards to you, with the primary sources, all to be handled and discussed.  (Praying Frances from Dunoon doesn’t read this!) Special pieces which would enhance the narrative of the collection do come up occasionally and it would be super to have a small reserve for such eventualities.

…renting our museum space for the day (£100 per/group)

Nora’s brainwave. We have ongoing repairs to the collection – and the house. The ghastly prospect of a new roof is beckoning. If you know a group who would enjoy a WHOLE day immersing themselves? Bakers, stylists, still life artists, photographers, carvers, whittlers, designers, collectors… All are welcome to come and get creative.

Next step

If you wish to sponsor us in any of the above ways, or in others, please contact us using the form below! Thank you for your time.