In private collections

daniele snail

Exquisite carving, and lush undercarving. A masterpiece. Belonging to a French collector – complete with snail, but no frog!


mikki towler live to eat

Miki’s board, rare, possibly a George Wing creation given the styling of the capitals.


maries photo find

Lush, deep carved harvest board including sweetcorn, painted strikingly, courtesy of Marina Anderson.



Australian painted, with insert, mid 1900s

bb shield with B and ribbons acanthus 220

Pretty escutcheon with letter ‘B’ and ribbons, renaissance style

Dutch wedding bb 1909 84cm

Dutch wedding board, 1909

maries photo find 2

Fine harvest board, with hops, wheat and vine, courtesy of Marina Anderson

maries photo find 4.JPG

Possibly Swiss, with ivy laurel and oak, naturalistically carved


prattware breaddish midXXc GUTDODB dickensian scene 32cm

Prattware bread dish, mid 1900s, with Dickensian scene, motto around the border


Elizabeth's mum's bd 12 bridges

Elizabeth’s mum’s board by Bramhall, England.


frances board uncle wolf

Uncle Wolf’s platter in Germany

hugh aldridge's winchester

Hugh’s Winchester board, passed down from his father who was a Wykemist, with the motto of William of Wykham; ‘Manners Makyth Man’.


john granny's bb 110 yrs old

John’s wife’s Grandmother’s board – must be 110 years old they calculated.


mcdonalds 2 bds

Roddy and Michiko’s boards, again by George Wing of Sheffield, the most prolific breadboard maker in late Victorian times

sheila anchor

Shelia’s Anchor Butter advertising board – a prototype and the only one in existence


sue kelly

Sue’s mum’s board, with  fretted silver plated surround.