Roundabout Putney

Wandsworth Arts map final for cllrs

If you are wanting to combine your visit with another one-off experience, the map above is worth a browse for buzzy places in Wandsworth.

Also some nice  ‘hidden nooks’ below, capturing different themes.

Nature walk:

Take the 22 to its terminus for Putney Common, Beverley Brook, Putney Heath – which merge into Wimbledon Common. Thanks to the AA for their really clear bike routes, which you can adapt for walking.

Windmill Walk:

337 to bus stop ‘Woodborough Rd’, Putney Park Lane, Putney Heath, Putney Common, The Windmill

River Walk:

Go to Hammersmith, have lunch at the Dove and walk it off along the South tow path to Putney Bridge.

Village Walk:

From the River, Waterman Street, Bricklayer’s Arms pub (open evenings), Olivette St, Cardinal Place, Quill Lane, Modder Place, Charlwood Rd, Upper Richmond Rd,  Parkfields, Howard’s Lane, the Pleasance, Putney Park Lane to Wimbledon Common

Church, Book shop and Sculpture walk:

Ray at Hurlingham books (91 Fulham H St), All Saints Fulham, St Mary’s Putney, The Pantry Cafe, site of the Putney Debates of Oliver Cromwell, Thornhill sculpture trail

Throw in some theatre afterwards:

Putney Arts Theatre has a bumper to bumper season, always a great night out

Farmer’s Market: every Saturday 10-3

Putney Library: always exhibiting local artists

Oxford or Cambridge: it all starts at Putney

Wandsworth Arts Fringe: in May, everything wonderful and whacky

Artists’ Open House Putney Trail: October and all year by appointment

Tennis walk: Wimbledon Tennis Museum

Review: **

A very plush facility with lots of realia, even from the early days of the game.  Big shop for gifts, bit pricey. I loved the old rackets and learning how they were made. Also the lawn-mower gets a whole wall to itself, because without that, there would have been no lawn tennis. The inventor only trialed it at night on his own lawn in case the neighbours thought he had a screw loose! Who knows: next up a lawnmower museum…

Grand House Walk: Wimbledon’s Southside House, open by appointment, overlooking Wimbledon Common

Review: ***

An idiosyncratic house, in fact, two Georgian houses joined together. The owners put it in trust and the six lodgers on the upper floors look after it.  Not retouched or primped by the trust, its residents simply dust and in dusting they discover new delights in chests and attics. It is in a state of  charming decay, with faded walls, crackling paint and ragged carpets. As a properly lived in house should look. Loved it. Bang next to King’s College Wimbledon. Also a lovely meandering garden.