Stylists & Photographers

The_Antique_Breadboard_Museum_Carving_Victorian_Wooden_bannerimageAll fine art photography was shot and made available courtesy of Kourosh Monirzad of UNICA ART SERVICES


IMG_0771 joan ransley

Inspired by Joan Ransley, after her visit, January 2018. Natural light.


Installation by Katrin Cargill for Ideal Home Magazine, 2009, using our collection. On midnight blue feature wall.

jean cazals sheila kyle

Jean Cazals and Sheila after an intense photo session for Richard Bertinet’s new book CRUMB, out on Amazon in February 2019. Prepare to be amazed!

theresa robertson dining bds

Theresa Robertson’s bread plates at the ready, interior design idea from Instagram

bearhuggies 2

Bear huggies gives us a privileged view of her beautiful home and collection