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  1. To complement the Staff of Life breadboard currently available on eBay, this wrap-around wheat sheaf knife is a superior line in that all sides of the boxwood handle are carved with equal care. With an ear of wheat on either side, the ground consists of veined leaves, one of which is looping around. The carbon steel blade is harmoniously married up with the handle and is in good condition stamped with the cutler’s brand ‘William Webster’ and his mark of a stag’s head with antlers. Beneath is possibly ‘Sheffield’, although it is faint from polishing. There are some rust marks which have been wire-wooled and cleaned. 1880s, 32cms. £50

2. A choice breadknife with acorns and oak leaves on one side is a fitting accessory for the Acorn board. The very decorative boxwood handle was carved by the George Wing workshop which we know as it appears in his 50-page catalogue dating from the 1880s approximately. Although the accepted method has the carving facing upwards as the knife rests on the table, this handle has the acorn sprigs facing sideways, suggesting the original blade wore out or became detached and the owner ‘rosined’ (affixed) it back himself. It is part of the character of the knife. The blade is a pleasing match to the handle. It is stamped with the popular brand ‘Encore’ the cutler ‘Thomas Turner & Company’ and their location ‘Suffolk Works Sheffield’. This indicates Wing sold his handles to cutlers wholesale as the same handle appears with different cutlers’ blades as well as blades stamped ‘Wing’. 1880s, 30cms, £80

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HI-RES PHOTOS: life-size boards for your feature wall

shop photo wall

Can you tell the difference?!

Amalia, an artist who stayed in our Airbnb room, did not wish to be credited with this brainwave but here goes. She thought it would be lovely for visitors and those who are not mobile, to recreate their favourite bit of the museum in their own home. But how?

Firstly you can order a photo/s of your favourite breadboard/s at any size (slightly bigger than life size and square works beautifully), and prices vary. Photos have been taken by Unica Art Services (fine art photography) and are all ultra hi-resolution tiff images for a super-detailed result at all magnifications. See below for a selection of our most popular. We leave the framing to you!

Nora, an artist in concrete and a frequent Airbnb guest, has even suggested giving the wall a fresh coat to complement the wood tone of your chosen board. Amalia got very excited combing through the porcelain, ivory and metallic items in the collection, combining them with a selection of 6 wood tones! We can provide sample-size paint tins matching exactly the Victorian colours Amalia has kindly pinpointed, in case you are not a ‘colour’ person, like me. They are all neutrals.

GREETINGS CARDS: blank inside, in batches

RN.18.B5-wed-17 33cm

Similarly, we can provide off-the-peg blank cards in sets of 12 showcasing the Peapod board. Or we can get your favourite board printed up on cards customised for you.

ONLINE TOURS: on skype or zoom, by appointment

theresa robertson dining bds

For those far-flung collectors who cannot travel so easily, we are happy to organise a skype tour with a group of your friends. I will show you the collection and field questions.  You can even organise a cream tea your end and bring your own boards to show at the party!

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