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Posted Jan 2018

Introducing the only museum in the world dedicated to antique breadboards!

Rosslyn, a long-standing Putney resident, collected them over the years. Her daughter displayed the collection safely and attractively in Rosslyn’s front room for her to enjoy as the Alzheimer’s gradually worsened. Having recently passed away, the micro-museum is open to the public for tours and cream teas. “Guests just love the warm woody atmosphere and the ornate Victorian carving.” says Madeleine, her daughter.

Breadboards are symbolic of hearth and home, caring and sharing, God and his daily bread. Some were personal commissions, to celebrate weddings and birthdays, jubilees and harvest. Others were mass produced as the price of bread came down and the populace could afford a board to put it on.

The carvers and workshops were mostly unknown, so this museum hopes to celebrate their great skills and creativity.

Some items for sale.

Visits by appointment only, £20 per guest including generous cream tea. Maximum 5 guests per tour. To book go to:

Want to stay longer? You can book a night in the Museum! Yes you can stay in a single room

Antique Breadboard Museum
17 Lifford Street,
Putney SW15 1NY.
Call Madeleine on 020 8785 2464