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Things To Do This Week In London: 14-20 May 2018

BREADBOARD MUSEUM: Here’s a niche museum experience if ever we did see one. Putney local Madeleine Neave runs The Antique Breadboard Museum out of her own reception room, and invites you to take a look at her collection while enjoying an English Cream Tea — served off your favourite breadboard, no less. The Antique Breadboard Museum (Putney), £20, book ahead, 2.30pm-4.30pm


Jason Rosam, BBC Radio London

jason rosam 2Helping Strangers, Collections and Grenfell Tower

Jason, who set up Wandsworth Radio, asking a battery of questions about our quirky collection as part of his ‘weird and wonderful collections’ section ! He has a collection of royal commemorative ware and was asking all his guests what they collected.

Thank you Jason!

Simon Lederman

Jason Rosam sits in. Live updates, reviewing the day’s events and getting your reaction. …

Daniel, The Heritage Crafts Association – Feb 2018

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Breadboard Museum needs carvers

The delightful Antique Breadboard Museum is looking for artists who work in wood to visit their museum, get inspired and join their list of carvers for commissions. They also have an exhibition in May in Putney, London, and are looking for demonstrators. You can get in touch through their website. They are a small, private museum where all the collection is accessible and can be handled. Their visitors can even eat off the pieces! Their website and wonderful collection is certainly worth a browse.

emma bridgewater

Their Conference was an impressive line-up of presenters, all supporting the crafts in different ways. Emma Bridgewater explained how she had revived part of the pottery industry in Stoke, and I thought what a brilliant thought if breadboard carving could be revived in Sheffield. The infrastructure is still all there and the skills.